Monday, August 12, 2019

Inspirational Sayings of the Great on Sandhya-Upasana


G. S. Krishnaswami Iyer
(Picked from Introduction to Sandhyavandana (1924)

"Sandhyopasana is a simple rite which requires no material but a small quantity of water and cannot ordinarily take more than thirty minutes has yet been vouchsafed to us by Isvara as a sure means of invoking His grace in order that He may illumine our understanding. ... It includes several hymns addressed to several Gods, such as Water, Agni, Surya, Mitra, Varuna ... these Gods are real and distinct entities with distinct cosmic functions. ... Simple as it may seem the Sandhyopasana furnishes Sadhanas which carry highest possibilities and ensure the gradual evolution of the Jeeva till it attains its highest spiritual fulfilment. ... Moreover, the Upasthana-mantras show in what vital relationship we stand to the several Gods who are the guardians of the cosmic law and order and who are charged with several cosmic functions on which our own existence and well being so much depend."

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